Pallet Forks

AP11 Series Pallet Fork

  • High tensile, heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Tines float while picking up and removing pallets on uneven terrain
  • Tines can be made rigid at any position using set screws
  • See brochure for loader series compatibility


Locking the attachment in place Locking the attachment in place

Hook up the pallet fork by lining up the loader’s connecting point to the attachment frame, picking up the attachment, and locking it in place.

Tine lengths Tine lengths

Choose between two tine lengths – 91.4 cm (36 in.) or 106.7 cm (42 in.) – to best match the type of work the producer wants to complete with the attachment.

Tine positions Tine positions

Easily move tine forks to three desired locations for picking up a variety of pallet sizes.



Overall height 62.2 cm
24.5 in.
Overall width 125.4 cm
49.38 in.
Overall length Length with 91.4-cm (36-in.) tines - 111.8 cm
44 in.
Length with 106.7-cm (42-in.) tines - 127 cm
50 in.

Attachment carrier

Current series style 100, 200, 300


Operational With 36-inch tines: 99.3 kg
219 lb
With 42-inch tines: 112 kg
247 lb
Shipping With 36-inch tines: 119.3 kg
263 lb
With 42-inch tines: 132 kg
291 lb

Fork tines

Type Fixed
Capacity Capacity with 91.4-cm (36-in.) tines - 567 kg
1250 lb
Capacity with 106.7-cm (42-in.) tines - 907 kg
2000 lb
Section Section with 91.4-cm (36-in.) tines - 25.4 x 76.2 mm
1.0 x 3.0 in.
Section with 106.7-cm (42-in.) tines - 30 x 80 mm
1.18 x 3.13 in.
Length 91.4 and 106.7 cm
36 and 42 in.

Set-up time

Labor hours 0.25


Time period 1 year

Additional information

Date collected 1-August-2017

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